Federal Tax Extension Online

Electronically process your Federal Tax Extension online.

Simply complete our online questionnaire style application and we'll process and complete your Federal Tax Extension instantly with our proprietary automated filing assistant software. No knowledge of tax law necessary our system is designed to take less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

  • Simply answer a series of questions.
  • Our proprietary automated filing assistant software completes your Federal Tax Extension Form.
  • You instantly receive links to two files, One of them is a printable image of your automatically completed Federal Tax Extension Form and the other link is a UPS shipping label.
  • Simply sign the Federal Tax Extension on the one clearly labelled signature panel then simply ship the Federal Tax Extension Form with the provided shipping label and you're all done with your federal tax extension!

Additionally at no extra cost one of our state and federal filing agents will manually review your filing, locate and complete the proper state tax extension form as needed and then we'll email you a printable image copy of the completed form to you with instructions on where to sign and mail the form.

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